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The Global Bach Community was founded to assist local Bach organizations in raising funds and sharing Bach information. Our membership roster includes the following prestigious Bach organizations. To learn more, visit our Membership page. To see a listing of this season's events at our member organizations, click here.

GBC Launches "24/7 Bach" Internet Radio Station

24-7 bach radio station and podcast

The Global Bach Community hosts an Internet Radio station known as 24/7 Bach which currently features a monumental performance of Bach's complete organ works by Dr. Dennis Schmidt, former Artistic and Executive Director of The Bach Festival of Philadelphia. They were performed in observance of Bach's tricentennial in 1985 at St. John's Cathedral in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A performance of the St. John Passion follows the organ works. Additional performances are currently being added, so come back often.

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21st Century Bach

After 250 years, Bach's music continues to excite and entertain. On the performance side we have novel fusions with other musical genres such as Gospel music, the timeless choral themes of the old Schoolmaster of Leipzig rephrased in a modern spiritual vocabulary. Please visit our Inventions and Articles pages to read about such recent collaborations, as Bach's music enters a new millenium. Technology, in the form of streaming audio, podcasts, and mixed-media sites like youtube, promises a wider audience to Bach's music, while sites like Amazon or Apple's iTunes store deliver downloadable pay-content faster than ever. In the scholarly realm the German government, in collaboration with IBM, has undertaken the task of posting all of Bach's original manuscripts on the internet. The project, Bach Digital, showcases the magnificent corpus of his work.

Discovery of New Aria

An unknown composition by Johann Sebastian Bach has been discovered by a classical music scholar in Germany. Michael Maul, a researcher at Leipzig's Bach Archive, found the score among documents from the Anna Amalia Library in Weimar. To read more, click here.

45th Conference on Organ Music

This event was held October 9-12, 2006 at the University of Michigan. Many performances were played on the new organ dedicated to Marilyn Mason, Chair of the Organ Department. As a result of extensive research and consultation among members of the School of Music organ faculty and C.B. Fisk, Inc., of Gloucester, Massachusetts, it was decided that the instruments of Gottfried Silbermann (1683-1753) should be the models upon which the Marilyn Mason Organ would be based. A host of distinguished performers got to try their hand on this glorious new instrument. To read more about the organ and the event, click here and here.

Bach's 250th Anniversary Celebration in Leipzig

The year 2000 marked the 250th anniversary of the death of Johann Sebastian Bach. The celebration in Leipzig commemorating this historic event was spectacular in both musical and visual aspects. Two members of our Steering Board traveled to Leipzig and reported on the festivities. Click here to read their firsthand account.

Other Bach Organizations

Compendia of Bach organizations around the globe can be found on the Bach Festival of Philadelphia's website, The American Bach Society's links page, the Bach-Cantatas page, and the resources page.